Barley Malt Chicory Coffee 150g


Naturally Caffeine free hot beverage (tastes like coffee) for Lactating Moms. Otherwise known as “Orzo”, Italian for Barley.

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For centuries Barley & Chicory have been used as healthy caffeine free coffee substitutes. Chicory helps to increase breast milk. It improves intestinal microflora, has anti-inflammatory and blood purifying action and has a calming effect. Also relieves constipation and promotes weight loss. Barley Malt Chicory Coffee is the perfect alternative to traditional coffee due the amalgamation of these two.

Tasty recipe :

Brew and filter like real coffee.


Organic Malted barley, Soya beans, roots of Chicory roasted and ground into powder.

Is it appropriate for Expecting moms?

No. Consumption of chicory is not advised during pregnancy.


Is it appropriate for Lactating moms?

Hell Yes! No need to live like a nun while you nurse your baby. Enjoy your coffee, the Barley-Chicory way.

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