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Happy customers.

"I personally am so happy that these products are out n catering to baby n mother. I am a Doula and not a "New Mommy" now. I have used it for myself n am really seeing the benefits of the products. The teas have such a calming effect. After using the soaps the feel of the smoothness on my skin is great. Great going n all the best."

Celestina Cavinder

CLD (Certified Labour Doula)

"My son, Abeer and I loved the organic soaps of Earthbaby. They are gentle on the skin and the aroma is lovely! My mom too loved the cold pressed oils, infact I will place an order for some more of these online! Great start and keep rocking!""


Neha Bhotika

HR Professional

"Having helped so many of our mothers give birth naturally and without any external interventions, we wish to introduce yet another natural and holistic experience to our mothers, beyond the birthing phase. Earth Baby's range of products are specifically designed keeping the new mother's comfort and the baby's needs."

Dr. Vijaya Krishnan

Co-Founder, The Sanctum Natural Birth Center

"Even my mom was impressed by the quality of the products, and that is no mean feat!"


Trupthi Narayan

New Mother

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