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Just milk. 

It is as simple and as wholesome as that, when it comes to a newborn’s food. Why then should nourishing newborn skin be any different? 

And by far, the safest way to protect and nourish baby skin is to keep skincare simple. Pick pure, pick natural and where possible, edible-ingredients-based skincare products like Earth Baby.

At Earth Baby we recognise that your skin is the largest, most exposed organ of your body. Anything that gets on it is easily absorbed into your body. So we like to use pure, wholesome, and natural ingredients that are reliably and ethically sourced to ensure quality.

– Our experts formulate them with a conscience and care to avoid chemical additives, toxins or any other nasties

– Where possible, we look to enrich our products with super-foods to offer additional pampering and protection

– We use only edible preservatives and keep it minimum

We must add here that we are not only about babies! We take pride in having a small but growing array of Food and Safe-skin products for New Mothers and Clothing for newborns using only Natural-dyes and 100% cotton.  

All our products come in environmentally friendly packaging and offer the convenience of chic, reusable tins and jars! So when you take home an Earth Baby, you take home peace of mind for yourself and the gentlest of care for your baby.


P.S. What our products do not carry: Artificial colours and fragrance, sulphates, silicones, parabens, phthalates and pesticides.