Feed your skin nutrition, not chemicals

The idea of Earthbaby was born out of this insight that skin is porous and absorbs much of what we apply on it directly into the bloodstream. So we created not just products but “food for skin“.

Jiten Grover

Founder Earthbaby

I suffered from adult eczema for many years. By switching gears to buying and using produce and products that are natural, seasonal and local, I saw remarkable change in myself and my family’s health and well-being. I learnt that it’s no coincidence that traditional skincare consists of edible ware from the kitchen such as milk cream, turmeric, gram flour, hibiscus, aloevera, saffron, coconut and so on.

Nature in its bounty is literally "food for skin"! This is the inspiration that Earthbaby was born from and continues to operate.

What we do?

Earthbaby offers Ecocert COSMOS NATURAL certified skincare for babies and new moms. COSMOS is an assurance of European quality standards.

We can’t continue dirtying the planet while offering natural & safe products, can we? So our products come in environment friendly packaging and offer the convenience of chic, reusable tins and jars! 

When you take home an Earthbaby, you take home peace of mind for yourself and the gentlest of care for your baby.

*All skincare products are certified by Ecocert under the COSMOS Natural standard except handmade soaps and Kumkumadi.

pure. safe. honest

How much "natural"?

Chemical ingredients like preservatives (edible grade only) are necessary in some formulations as they keep the product safe for use. But you are in control! We declare the percentage Natural rating for each skincare product as certified by Ecocert. We declare 100% of the ingredients used. No ambiguous “cream base” or “QS”.

Dermatologically tested

Natural products can also occasionally cause allergies. We have hence got all our formulated products tested by Dermatologists to verify they are hypoallergenic. Further, lab tests as per Ayush standards are done to ensure safety.

Yet, better to be careful. We encourage you to do a patch test on your elbow and for your child before using any new product.

More love, less plastic!

Plastic is unavoidable today – easy, cheap, and versatile. But its production outpaces recycling, causing pollution and the death of many animals.

It is imperative that we respect and conserve our home planet Earth.. We use aluminium (infinitely recyclable), tin, paper, glass and bamboo fibre in place of plastic bottles and tubes for our product packaging.

What is Ecocert COSMOS certification?

Ecocert (France) has certified our range of skincare products under the COSMOS standard.

The COSMOS-standard signature is a consumer guarantee for organic and natural cosmetics that you can trust. To date over 50,000 products & ingredients in 71 countries carry the COSMOS ORGANIC or COSMOS NATURAL signature.

Ecocert has inspected our factory and its standard operating processes for hygiene and sustainable practices. Ecocert approves all ingredients and packaging materials and registers our suppliers to ensure traceability. Regular audits ensure standardised formulations and accurate, authentic public communication.

We use the word “Natural”, in compliance with COSMOS certification.


PETA Certified

We test on humans! We know our ingredients and hence confidently test our new products first on ourselves and then our family and friends. All our products are vegan except for Milk & sandal soap, Lipsticks which contain beeswax and Kumkumadi face oil which has goat’s milk as one of its ingredients.

Our guiding principles

Read our Ingredients.

Great Ingredients

We use natural ingredients with minimal processing.

Close to nature

We care for the environment as much as for our customers.


We follow Ecocert COSMOS standards to the 'T'.

International Certification