At Earthbaby, we are committed to providing safe and effective skincare products that are not only good for you, but also for the environment. 

We are proud to have obtained several certifications that demonstrate our commitment to providing safe, effective, and ethical products to our customers.

We chose ECOCERT, the top organic certification authority, to certify our sustainable and ethical skincare brand. Our aim was to ensure customer safety and minimal environmental impact, and ECOCERT’s comprehensive review process scrutinizes all aspects of business operations, including ingredient sourcing and packaging. We believe that ECOCERT certification not only helps us meet our goals, but also assures our customers of the highest quality products..

At Earthbaby, we prioritize safe and effective skincare products. That’s why we’ve obtained dermatologically tested certification for all our products. This certification verifies that our products have been thoroughly tested by dermatologists and are free from harmful ingredients. We are committed to providing high-quality skincare that’s safe for all skin types, giving our customers peace of mind when using our products.

We test on humans! We know our ingredients and hence confidently test our new products first on ourselves and then our family and friends. All our products are vegan except for Milk & sandal soap, Lipsticks which contain beeswax and Kumkumadi face oil which has goat’s milk as one of its ingredients.

Ayush Certification

At Earthbaby, we’ve obtained Ayush certification for our skincare products. This verifies that our products are based on natural Ayurvedic principles and ingredients, promoting health and well-being. Our products contain safe and effective natural ingredients, providing customers with assurance. We’re proud to offer products inspired by this ancient system of medicine that can provide numerous benefits for the skin.

Ayush Certification

Earthbaby’s food products have FSSAI certification verifying safety and meeting high standards of food safety. The certification assures customers of our commitment to providing safe, high-quality food products that do not contain harmful ingredients. We believe that what we eat is as important as what we put on our skin.

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