Our Certifications

At earthBaby we wanted to create safe, natural and eco friendly skincare for our little ones and the moms who are recovering. As new parents we are always looking for safe alternatives to the commercially available daily care products. We want our babies to be away from all the harmful chemicals and also make sure that we are not putting anything fishy on our bodies that might indirectly come in contact with our delicate little babies. But that does not mean that we should stop taking care of new moms. They need to bounce back to their own old self and they need some good pampering for that.


Here are the ways earthBaby makes sure that you get what you need without worrying for yours and your child’s safety. While looking for something natural and toxin free these are indicators that give you insight into the formulation of the products and help you choose the right fit for your needs and beliefs.

100% Ingredients disclosure

natural quotient

Despite the fact that most of the products come with their ingredients printed on the label, the sad truth is that none of them disclose 100 % ingredients. They can hide the various toxic ingredients that can have adverse effects on us. We however have promised 100% disclosure of the ingredients that goes into the making of each and every product.

Ecocert COSMOS


Another way that we like to indicate our ‘Natural’ percentage is through certification via Ecocert COSMOS. You may find these on many products that claim to have natural constituents. Now what earthBaby does differently is that we like to indicate the exact percentage of the natural plant based ingredients that each of our products contains.