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Damask Rose Water, 10ml | 100% Natural Origin

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Certified 100% Natural | 10ml

Edible | Natural astringent


Have you discovered Earth Baby’s pure distilled Rose water yet? It’s a special buy as we make it from “once a year bloom” of the Damask Roses that are grown in our farm. We ensure they are plucked before sunrise to distill the most wonderful scent and purity of these roses in the water.
Natural Rosewater is a wonderful natural remedy in every household. It helps New Moms feel fresh instantly and helps bounce back to their beautiful radiant selves. Rose Water helps tone oily skin, it soothes sensitive skin, balances skin PH and moisturises dry skin.
How to use
Wash your face. Dab dry. Drizzle a few drops of Earth Baby Damask Rose Water on a cotton ball. Gently dab the ball all over your face.


Rosa Damascena Flower Water (Rose Water)
100% natural origin of total. COSMOS NATURAL certified by Ecocert GreenLife according to COSMOS standard
You won’t find parabens, sulfates, artificial colours, fragrance or animal-derived products. No animal testing.


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1 review for Damask Rose Water, 10ml | 100% Natural Origin

  1. Pooja

    I love this rose water. It feels so fresh. And the fragrance is amazing. Can be used as a toner or cleanser for all your skin problems. Please try yourself.

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