Sab ki suno, Man ka karo!

We all know what’s best for us. All we need is appropriate information in the appropriate context.

Doesn’t mean that we always end up doing or thinking what’s best for us or our babies. Doesn’t mean that we have no problems or struggles. It means if we decide to calm down, slow down and really look within ourselves; we always hear a voice that has the best solution to any of our ‘problems’.

Let’s see this through an example.

An expert on breastfeeding may say that: Breast milk is the only milk that should be given to a baby. And formula must not be used.

A new mother knows that breast milk is the best for her own child. She agrees with the expert. However, her maternity leave is over and now, she has to / wants to go back to work. She tries to leave enough amount of expressed milk for the baby for the day. And instructs the nanny / care-giver of the baby to give the baby formula milk in case the expressed milk gets over – without any guilt.

The mother here tries to achieve the ideal and when she can’t, she finds the next best solution – without any guilt. She self-verifies the advice given by the expert and applies it to her context, in the best possible way.

Only you know best, your context, your child, your family dynamics, your financial or other pressures that exist at a certain point in time and your situation is unique. The experts perform an important role in giving you unbiased information with the child’s interest at heart with passion and sincerity. You must self-verify and make sense of that information in a way that suits your unique situation the best. It’s put in really powerful words by Dr. Benjamin Spock – “Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.”

To put it in a sentence of our own:

We try to bring you expert opinions, information and myriad ways of looking at a certain situation – you assimilate this and apply it to your context in the best way possible, without any guilt.

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